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Water Features Harrisburg, PA Water features are still the best amenities to add in a landscaped area. For one, they can provide a relaxing atmosphere, especially during hot days and humid nights. Secondly, they can be the perfect place for family bonding and important events. Moreover, these outdoor additions can make the landscape more appealing and attractive.

At Hemlock Landscaping Inc., we can design and install various water features such as waterfalls and ponds. We have installed and completed numerous water feature installation projects in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Lewisbury, Marysville, Enola, Elizabethtown, York and New Cumberland, PA. With our keen attention to details, excellent workmanship, professional attitude, and unmatched skills, we are truly the right people to create your dream waterscapes.

What Makes Our Water Features Stand Out?

Having created some of the country’s most stunning water features, we are definitely the company to hire for projects requiring expert installation of such outdoor amenities. For decades, we have built waterscapes that are noted for their beauty and unique appeal. Our crews are some of the most talented installers in the country, and they will listen to your desires to achieve the results that you expect.

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that we can work on any budget, limited or sky’s the limit. With us, having a water feature doesn’t mean that you have to spend huge amount of money. For those with truly limited working budget, we have other water feature options that can still make your outdoors enticing. Some of the best examples are bubbling pots, mini waterfalls, and small ponds. We will never let our clients’ budget constraints hinder their desire to have stunning water features installed in their property.

Water Features that We Create

As versatile installers of water features, we can create all your desired waterscapes with ease. As we’ve done many times for residents of Harrisburg, PA and other areas nearby, we will guarantee quality, durability, and functionality with each completed water feature. Here’s a quick run-through of the different water amenities that we can design and build for our valued clients:

  • Ponds. Whether it’s a rock pond or the typical fish pond, property owners will surely be delighted to see our finished creations up close. We can include lighting to set the right mood and use plants and pebbles to achieve natural appeal.

  • Waterfalls. Man-made outdoor waterfalls are a hit among our past and present clients from Harrisburg. The constant gushing of water creates a soothing atmosphere that clients love. Aside from the traditional waterfalls, we can also create pondless waterfalls in properties with limited space available.

  • Artificial streams. Another great water feature example is an artificial stream. Our setting will be as close to a natural stream so your guests will surely be mesmerized when they see the feature for the first time.

  • Fountains. Fountains are reeking with elegance and aura of mysticism, which makes them a favorite among property owners in Harrisburg and other cities in Pennsylvania that we serve. We will position your desired fountain in your chosen location and adopt your desired theme or design.

Call us now at (717)-652-9535 and let us begin building your dream water features soon.

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